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Arnold & District Camera Club

Arnold, Nottingham, UK


Affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through the North and East Midlands Photographic Federation.

Member of the Gedling Borough Arts Association.

Welcome to the Arnold & District Camera Club

Arnold is approximately five miles north of Nottingham city centre. We are a group of amateur photographers and enthusiasts dedicated to promoting photography within our area. Our members range in skill from the beginner to the accomplished amateur.


Meetings are held at Pond Hills Lane Community Centre. A typical club night begins at 7:30pm with the programme event starting at 8:00pm. We have a coffee/tea break about 9:00 pm and close around 10:00-10:15pm. The first two visits are free and thereafter a nominal entry fee is charged.


The Club holds, for members, competitions for projected images and prints with trophies (shields) awarded to the winners at the end of the year. The competitions are in two sections, one is 2 rounds of themed images and the other is 2 rounds of open images, so everyone has a chance of winning. There is also an annual print competition and a trophy is awarded for the winning print. This competition forms the Annual Exhibition which is usually displayed in the Arnold Library each year. Members are also eligible to enter external competitions under our affiliation with the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain and the North & East Midlands Photographic Federation.


The Club is now well equipped thanks to Lottery money awarded in 2007 from Awards For All. This has enabled us to offer even more to our local community and members. Digital audiovisual shows are now a regular part of our annual programme. We are now well placed to pass on our expertise in all aspects of digital photography as well as traditional film based techniques.

The Club is very grateful to Awards For All for this huge boost to help with ongoing and future projects.

News: Thursday 30th April 2015

<strong>John congratulates Verity

John congratulates Verity


With just five points separating first to sixth position in round one of this competition, it’s wide open going into the final round on the 23rd July.

Tony Mann has a nose in front on 54 points, with Alan Young FRPS.EFIAP.BPE1.PSA3. on 53 points and Angela Wilson a further point behind on 52 points.

Verity Nikou held the winning print entitled “Sarah” scoring 20 points. Tony Mann, Frank Harris and Alan Young were the runners up on 19 points.

There was a good entry for prints of 48 from 16 authors, and these were admirably “ploughed” through by our judge for the evening John Jones, ARPS.BPE5* in his usual competent style.

Winners on the night 1st.2nd.3rd.

1.------Verity Nikou--------------------Sarah
2.------Alan Young---------------------Female Common Blue Damselfly
2.------Frank Harris-------------------Pale Tussock Moth Caterpillar
2.------Tony Mann---------------------Inner City Lines
3.------Angel Wilson-------------------Ratty Snacky
3.------Dave Hollingsworth-----------Quiet Contemplation
3.------Dave Hollingsworth-----------A Touch of Red
3.------Tony Mann---------------------The Elizabethan Tower.

League Positions and points (in order of entry) Subject to Verification.

1.------Tony Mann--------------------54------(19-18-17)
2.------Alan Young--------------------53------(17-17-19)
3.------Angela Wilson-----------------52------(17-18-17)
4.------Frank Harris------------------51------(16-16-19)
5.------Verity Nikou-------------------50------(14-20-16)
6.------Dave Hollingsworth----------49------(18-13-18)
7.------Marion Clay-------------------46------(16-16-14)
8.------Barry Walker------------------45------(16-14-15)
8.------Eddie Coxon-------------------45------(16-14-15)
10-----Mario Molinari----------------44------(14-13-17)
11.----Michael Harrison--------------43------(13-15-15)
11.----Marton Skinner-Jones--------43------(13-17-13)
11-----Rex Stevenson------------------43------(16-14-13)
11-----Tom Johnson-------------------43------(13-13-17)
15-----Bev Ward-----------------------40------(13-12-15)
16-----Linden Lee----------------------37------(12-12-13)

Order of "Play"

1.------Verity Nikou--------------------Hoverfly
2.------Angela Wilson------------------The Art of Poise
3.------Alan Young---------------------The Sheep Dog
4.------Barry Walker-------------------Tranquillity
5.------Tom Johnson-------------------Carr Vale
6.------Dave Hollingsworth-----------Quiet Contemplation
7.------Bev Ward------------------------Me and Mine
8.------Mario Molinari-----------------Wainfleet Vintage Fuel
9.------Tony Mann----------------------Inner City Lines
10.----Frank Harris---------------------Hunters Lodge in the Snow
11.----Michael Harrison---------------Monks on the Meekong
12.----Martin Skinner-Jones----------Yes Please
13.----Linden Lee-----------------------Touch Down
14.----Rex Stevenson-------------------Wind Powered
15.----Marion Clay----------------------On Reflection
16,----Eddie Coxon----------------------Mount Cook and Lake Pukats
17.----Verity Nikou----------------------Sarah
18.----Angela Wilson--------------------Ratty Snacky
19.----Alan Young-----------------------Kingswood Branch Manager
20.----Barry Walker---------------------Amaryllis Stamens
21.----Tom Johnson---------------------Elana
22.----Dave Hollingsworth-------------1940’s Leader
23.----Bev. Ward-------------------------Basket Beach
24.----Mario Molinari-------------------Yuk
25.----Tony Mann------------------------The Elizabethan Tower
26.----Frank Harris-----------------------Rock Tombs
27.----Michael Harrison-----------------Oh no I’m Not on Face book
28.----Martin Skinner-Jones------------Forgotten
29.----Linden Lee-------------------------I’m The King of the Castle
30.----Rex Stevenson--------------------The Music Maker
31.----Marion Clay-----------------------Tea Time
32.----Eddie Coxon-----------------------Preparing Lunch at the Workhouse
33.----Verity Nikou-----------------------The Body Clock
34.----Angela Wilson---------------------Grubs Up
35.----Alan Young------------------------Female Common Blue Damselfly
36.----Barry Walker----------------------A Day to Remember
37.----Tom Johnson----------------------Chicago Skyscraper
38.----Dave Hollingsworth--------------A Touch of Red
39.----Bev Ward---------------------------Butter Flower
40.----Mario Molinari---------------------It’s Just a Memory
41.----Tony Mann-------------------------Vulcan To the Sky
42.----Frank Harris------------------------Pale Tussock Moth Caterpillar
43.----Michael Harrison------------------Why You no buy my Candles?
44.----Martin Skinner-Jones-------------Melissa
45.----Linden Lee--------------------------Japanese Garden
46.----Rex Stevenson----------------------Reflection
47.----Marion Clay------------------------After the Rain
48.----Eddie Coxon------------------------Courtyard in the Alhambra Grenada Good Luck to all in Round 2