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Arnold & District Camera Club

Arnold, Nottingham, UK



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Thursday 24th July 2014

<strong>The teams

The teams


Four teams, each with three budding snappers, took to the local area to capture 20 images that illustrated the topics on a quiz sheet produced by Secretary Phil Howcroft.

As darkness fell the weary troops trudged into the club room for a welcome drink and buffet, before huddling into their own little corner to sort out the best shots to compete with on a future date.

The four teams were as follows-

1. Mapperley Flickers ------(Dave, Phil, Marlies)
2. True Amateurs---------- -(Rex, Shaun, Hayley)
3. The three Musketeers--- (Richard, Peter, Marion)
4. LMA ------------------------(Alan, Linden, Mike)

<strong>A welcome snack

A welcome snack