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Thursday 10th April 2014

<STRONG>Bill with chairman Dave<strong>

Bill with chairman Dave


From garden shots in Derby to Ospreys in the Rockies, Bill Hall DPAGB AFIAP ABPE presented a huge range of excellent nature photography in his “Nature, Here and There” show.

He commenced with a shot of a leaf-cutter ant at the Rotherham Tropical House, saying it was one of his most difficult subjects to date. We then saw many images from Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire including Robin, Blue Tit, Common Newt, and Hawk Moth Caterpillar. Bill gave the audience many tips and ideas during his talk, such as blending 3 images together in Photoshop, and the art of using live-view on the camera for shots such as orchids. His frosty and winter scenes around Alvaston were stunning, depicting Goldfinch, and Jay to name but a few.

We saw Swans, Grebes (one of Bill’s favourite subjects) and Coots at Attenborough, and Kestrel, Swallows, Swifts, Fox, Bittern, Damsel Fly and Egyptian Geese from Willington. We then witnessed more stunning shots of Waxwings and Starling on the Rowan Tree, with Bill explaining his patience and techniques in gaining such images.

There were shots of Gannet and Kittiwake at Flamborough Head, Grey Seal at Donna Nook, Lapwing, Partridge, Geese at Frampton Marsh, an amazing Kingfisher in Warwickshire, and Red Kite in Wales, before heading north of the border to view Osprey, Pine Martin, Badger, Oyster Catcher, Otter, Buzzard, Scottish Crow, Otters, Eagle, and even a Wildcat Kitten. A few of these images taken resting on a bean bag from his car window.

In the second part of the evening we ventured over to California Harbour and Monterey to view images of Seals, Sea-Lions, Otters, Jellyfish, and Cormorants, before seeing huge Sequoia trees in King’s Canyon (one suitably named General Sherman) Then on to Cactus and Humming Birds in Arizona, Black Bear in Utah and fascinating shots of Thermal Vents in Yellowstone. There was more Black Bear and Grizzly in The Hayden Valley together with captured Wolves, the amazing Bald Eagle and further pools such as The Grand Geezer.

With his wife Linda,also on location, Bill showed us a host of images coinciding with his 60th birthday in Vancouver, Canada, depicting more Bald Eagle, Seals and Sea Lions and even a glimpse of the elusive Humpback Whale, together with much more wildlife, before ending with a close encounter with yet another Black Bear.

Our thanks to Bill for presenting a terrific show with so many impressive images. It’s difficult to imagine in this recently put together presentation, how one could portray a more variation of our natural and wonderful wildlife.