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Thursday 23rd October 2014

<strong>Chris at the helm

Chris at the helm


It’s hard to imagine a more enthusiastic photographer than Chris Newham, as was shown with his excellent evenings entertainment entitled “Love of Landscapes”

Having taken shots “for fun” as he says, he projected top draw images of landscapes and seascapes, together with a display of stunning prints.

A good size audience were treated to views of snow scenes in Dungeness, Pembrokeshire, the navigation beacons at Lindisfarne, Cromer pier and Whitby to name but a few.

Not afraid to use “Honeypot locations” as he states, and wading waist high into the depths of the oceans, we saw scenes from Glencoe, The Isle of Skye, Spurn point and fishing shipwrecks at Fleetwood. Much of his work was done in the early morning, using torches where necessary, to capture that special pre-dawn blue light.

Further shots were seen from Lake Garda, Bamburgh Castle and the North Yorkshire Moors, with his trusty colleague Derek Doar, before closing the first half with an Audio Visual.

With a landscape image of Snowdonia Chris spent the rest of the evening describing his post processing techniques, using Photoshop CC, Camera Raw 8.6, Lightroom and Nik software. He explained how to use lots of options, such as noise reduction, removal of dust spots and sharpening etc., together with useful hints, like “Not to blow out highlights" pre-processing.

All in all a comprehensive presentation put on by Chris, together with his fascinating tales and exploits. Our thanks to him and his P.A. aid Derek for a very interesting show.

<strong>Viewing the prints

Viewing the prints