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Thursday 14th May 2015

<strong>Sue and Michael

Sue and Michael


Club member Michael Harrison treated a good sized audience to a rare insight along the Brahmaputra River in Asia. Accompanied by his wife Sue, we saw a host of images and video clips of the habitats and traditions of the local people along the way.

The Brahmaputra is about 1800 miles long and is an important river for irrigation and transportation, as depicted by Michael’s images. He explained how prone it is to catastrophic flooding in spring, when the Himalayan snow melts. Its origin is in the Angsi Glacier located on the northern side of the Himalayas, Tibet, and empties in the Bay of Bengal.

We saw them both travelling in various ways, via pick up truck, rickshaw and village boat from the Chinese border to Bangladesh. Crossing a rickety bamboo bridge on foot, captured on video with one or two “expletives” was particularly amusing.

Michael captured some unique scenes of tribal ritual dances during the river trips, and sampled many local cuisines along the way, not to mention the primitive ablutions endured. He showed the many different cultures, such as the “water people” harvesting reeds and amazing footage of otters herding fish into the nets for capture.

A captivating journey, highlighted in Michael’s words by the warmth and friendliness of the people they met, and how inquisitive they were to see western folk, and see photographs of themselves. How they were regularly invited into their homes, joining in dancing, weddings and festivals. In their own words he told us “A guest is God” expressing their religious beliefs.

Many thanks to Michael and Sue for taking us on a fascinating “pilgrimage” and we look forward to seeing more of their shows in the future.

Also this evening, Chairman Dave presented the Bonington Shield to Martyn Button for winning the 33rd. Annual Print Shield with his entry "All Washed Up"

<strong>Winner Martyn

Winner Martyn